Car and Vehicle Cleaning for Export

When your car is being exported to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA , and South Africa, it has to be Cleaned for Export as it may be rejected when it gets to its destination. We have been providing this service to Whites Removals of Portsmouth for 15 years. We have never had a return.

Cars and Vehicles Exporting to Falkland Islands

In January 2019 The Falklands are introducing a similar policy with all vehicles being inspected in the UK before departure. We are implementing their policy and standards with immediate effect.

We provide this service at our base in Portsmouth or Southampton ( inside docks) by appointment depending on what docks you are using. For those using Marchwood military base we have a local unit we can use less than 1 mile away . For those cars being put into a container at your home we will come to you.

The idea of the clean from the import countries point, is to remove all seeds leaves and mud hiding the seeds from the exterior and interior of the car.

Your Export clean will consist of :

  • Exterior washed
  • Engine Bay cleaned of leaves and seeds
  • Radiator grill cleaned
  • Window Washer Bottle emptied
  • Door shuts and boot shut cleaned
  • Spare wheel tread cleaned
  • Spare wheel area internally cleaned
  • Wheel arches cleaned immaculate
  • Underside of car, pressure cleaned
  • Interior vacuumed of leaves , seeds and food particles


We will provide you with 4 certificates showing the above work has been done on your car.

Whats actually involved and why

Vehicle Interior


Vehicle Interior
Interior areas of a vehicle include the boot, between and under car seats, ceiling areas, floor surfaces, side panels, all compartments, the spare tyre and its storage area.

Check the boot for insects, plant material, seeds, soil and spiders and animal hair. Vacuum the boot interior
Look for egg masses and insects on both sides of the spare tyre, check the surrounding area. The tyre tray should be cleaned and vacuumed
Vacuum under and between car seats. Plant material, seeds and wood chips must be removed. Check for animal hair and any signs of fleas.

The Falkland Islands are free from cat & dog fleas. As such all vehicles must have a residual insecticide applied before export, not just to kill off the fleas but also their eggs.


Vehicle Exterior

Remove hubcap to check underneath for eggs masses, insects, plant material, spiders and soil
A light road film on the wheel is ok, but more than that is not considered clean, especially if plant material, seeds or soil clumps are found
Look for egg masses, insects and spider webbing in and around the bumper and grates


Look for plant material in exterior compartments and trays. Remove any pooled water from the vehicle
Thoroughly check mudguards, tyres and wheel arches for soil and seeds.
If mud guards are covered in felt, thorough scrubbing or water blasting is often required, especially around the wheel arch.


Look for insects, plant material and spiders in and around bonnet grilles
Wipe down surfaces that may contain plant material, seeds, and soil, and remove it all

Look out for reptiles and snakes. They are attracted to warmth and confined spaces such as engines
If the underside of the bonnet is covered in felt, a thorough scrubbing/water blasting may be needed to remove plant material and seeds. Use a bright light to illuminate all motor crevices. Ensure insects, plant material and spiders are removed from the engine.

 Clean and  inspect the vehicle underside. A high pressured water hose can help clean what you may not be able to see.

It’s not just insects which pose a threat to the Falklands. Seeds could germinate and become invasive, organic material may introduce new pathogens or diseases, and soil could harbour things like foot & mouth disease which would be catastrophic to livestock and agriculture in other countries.

Harlequin ladybirds are voracious predators and highly invasive. They arrive in vehicles where they hide away to hibernate in large numbers.  vehicle has to be free from ladybirds or any living invertebrates prior to export.


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