Fabric Roof Renovation

Deep Cleaning of Fabric Roof  £30 Plus vat when booked with a valet.


Soft-top recolouring from £35 plus VAT when booked with a Valet. Will need a deep clean 

Faded fabric roofs can be restored using Soft Top Reviver, a specially formulated liquid coating for fabric tops. The reviver restores the roof’s original colour and delivers a like-new appearance. This service also works well as pre-sale preparation for vehicles to help raise its value.

Fabric Ultra Proofing £30  + VAT  when booked with a Valet. Will need a deep clean

New fabric roof on vehicles usually come with a water-proof protective coating which makes the surface of the roof more resistant to UV light, mould and mildew. Over time and with usage, this coating gradually wears off, leaving the fabric-roof vunerable to the elements and can result in premature fading of the roof. Our Ultra-Proofing service reinstates this protective coating to ensure a younger  appearance for longer.


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