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Just like our car valeting services you can choose to have your motor home or caravan  cleaned inside and out, or anything in-between. This can be carried out at the comfort of your own home by our self-sufficient vans or alternatively – thanks to secure workshop facilities – you can drop off your vehicle, knowing it’s being polished up to the nines in safe, specialist hands. If we come to you we will bring scaffolding so, on caravans we dont walk on the roof.

Standard Wash

Wash exterior including door shuts, wheels, windows. Excludes roof.

Superior Wash

Wash Exterior including roof. Clean wheels, wheel arches, door shuts and lower seals.  Open all windows and lockers and skylights and clean all green  algae and muck from edges.  Scaffolding used.

 Awning Cleaning

Clean and wash of both sides of awning and housing.

Waxing Exterior

If the exterior GRP and paint work is in good non faded condition, we can hand wax and polish with a UV wax to reduce fading of outside. Usually for vehicles under 3 years of age. To be carried out after vehicle has been washed.

Machine Polishing of Exterior

For exteriors that have faded. Usually over 3 year old. This process brings back the paint work and GRP to a new condition. We also machine polish all plastic windows to reduce scratching, cloudy appearance and increase visibility. Exterior vynls and bumpers will be treated to restore as new look, in some cases where they are too dull they will be spray painted.  This should be carried out at our Unit in Portsmouth and will take 2 to 3 days. It can include the whole of the roof.

GRP and Paint Sealants

We recommend the Williams Formula 1 team Ceramic protection. Once you have had the Machine polishing its quite essential to have this applied as it WIIL reduce fading, and water will bead straight off making washing so much easier. No waxing will be required after.

Interior Cleaning

Every cupboard, draw, storage area wiped down and cleaned.  All upholstery shampooed and cleaned including carpets. Kitchen area, cooker, fridge, toilet, shower all cleaned. Carpets removed and deep cleaned Skylights cleaned. Front cabs of motorhomes completely cleaned

We can come to you and carry out cleaning and polishing on the outside and full Interior cleans on the inside.

For a quote email or call us on 0800 783 6562


Before Before


After After After


Caravans and motorhomes need to be cleaned carefully.  Unlike cars, caravans have a lot more rubber seals which can be damaged if the caravan or motorhome is not cleaned carefully.  Our valet team are experienced in proving valet services for caravans and motorhomes, and will take great care your mobile home.

When machine polishing a Motorhome we use a large dual action buffing machine, please see our Paint Renovation page. But there are delicate areas that need a lot of care so we use a vaery small delicate machine to get to the awkward areas.


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Motorhome 1 before       Motorhome 2 after

caravan 2 before      caravan 2a after

Caravan 1 before      caravan 2 after


d motor 1      a motorhom e 3

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