Paint Renovation and Correction

From £180 plus VAT

For cars with scratched, faded or tired looking paint work. This will remove swirls, holograms, fine scratches and leave your paintwork ultra smooth so water just runs off, and the paint work will gleam 

Our technicians are fully trained in the use of the equipment, and use the steps outlined below to ensure that your vehicles paintwork is brought to beyond its original condition. We are fully trained in using the standard rotary buffing machine but we are now all trained in the use of the Rupes dual action polisher designed for detailers. Its dual action means no swirls, no holograms just a deep lustre to the paint

  1. Deep cleanse exterior of paint work.
  2. A clay bar and or a chemical is used to remove any traces of industrial fallout, if required.
  3. Use an electrical polishing machine and gentle polishing compounds to buff exterior of car removing most surface scratches, Cleaner Cars Paint Renovationblemishes and dulling effects from acid rain and sun damage. Also removes all swirl marks.
  4. Repeat stage 3 with a  buffing head of soft sponge on the buffing machine and ultra fine polish, removes any hologram effects and fine scratches that the eye cant see but increase the shine of the paint. Using Rupes polishing system.
  5. Wax and polish exterior of car and buff to a high gloss finish using quality carnauba paste wax.
  6. All Exterior rubber, material and plastic trim are cleaned and conditioned.
  7. Clean alloy wheels, windows and tyres.


8. We recommend to seal in the shine and protect with Nanolex Ultra Paint & Alloy Sealant.


Paint Renovation with Rupes System    Before and after effect


Rupes Dual action versus Bodyshop rotary.  What we are trying to show in this video is,  if the rotary is not used correctly (rushed) it will appear that all the swirls and scratches have disappeared because the bodyshop compounds have oils and fillers that fill scratches and swirls. When washed a few times the oils and compounds are removed. The Rupes compounds have no fillers or oils to hide scratches,  that’s why we use this system.



Extreme Paint Renovation and Correction   This video shows damage that can be done by trees and bushes in country lanes and someone scratching their name on your car . Your car is unlikely to be this severe.  Select HD



A few more cars we have done 

Cleaner Cars Video, Paint Renovation on Porsche

We did this car using the rotary machine, by taking our time we still get an excellent result.


Paint Renovation by Cleaner Cars Paint Renovation by Cleaner Cars Paint Renovation by Cleaner Cars


Cleaner Cars Video, Paint Renovation

Subaru after paint renovation

If booked with an Interior valet, the valeter will spend the whole day on your car making it look like its come straight out of the showroom. It’s the one valet all the staff are desperate to do.

More pictures at Paint Renovation Gallery Pictures

Feed back from our customers via Checkatrade

Paint Renovation  This was one of the rare occasions in my life where it was absolute pleasure to part with some money.  They have done an absolutely amazing job. I could not believe the transformation, it looks absolutely stunning. I will definitely use this service again.

The local Rupes representative is now using our videos to sell the machine polisher to car bodyshops!


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