Cleaning for Export
Car, motorhome, caravan and Vehicle

When your car is being exported to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, and South Africa, it has to be Cleaned for Export as it may be rejected when it gets to its destination. We have been providing this service to Whites Removals of Portsmouth for 15 years. We have never had a return.

Cars and Vehicles Exporting to Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa, Canada, South America, Falklands and Ascension Islands 

In January 2019 The Falklands are introducing a similar policy with all vehicles being inspected in the UK before departure. We are implementing their policy and standards with immediate effect.

We provide this service at our base in Portsmouth or Southampton (inside docks) by appointment depending on what docks you are using. For those using Marchwood military base we have a local unit we can use less than 1 mile away. For those cars being put into a container at your home we will come to you.

The idea of the clean from the import countries point, is to remove all insects, plant material, soil, animal hair, eggs, woodchips, seeds, leaves and mud from the exterior and interior of the car.

Export Clean for Cars

Exterior washed

Spare wheel tread cleaned

Engine Bay cleaned of leaves and seeds

Spare wheel area internally cleaned

Radiator grill cleaned

Wheel arches cleaned immaculate

Window Washer Bottle emptied

Underside of car, pressure cleaned

Door shuts and boot shut cleaned

Interior vacuumed of leaves , seeds and food particles

Wood Chippings

Behind plastic wheel trims

Leaves and seeds in boot

Engine bay

Wheel arch

Export Clean for Motorhomes

As per car export plus

Roof cleaned

Skylights opened and from above all leaves seeds vacuumed

Inside thoroughly vacuumed, all lockers storage, fridge, cooker, draws and cupboards

All exterior lockers cleaned

Any interior bikes, rubber wheels cleaned

For people who are looking to export their motorhome to New Zealand or Australia some more information can be found here.

For motorhomes to New Zealand and Australia The Stink bug is now a major problem. We recommend Termapest.