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Flooded Cars and Vehicles

We have cleaned many types of vehicles that have been in rivers, fords, sewage floods and just flooded due to leaking windscreens or incorrectly fitted or perished seals. We have even cleaned a vehicle that has been immersed in sea water, even though most insurance companies write these off.

To effectively clean the vehicle, the interior carpets need to be removed and cleaned. Underneath the carpets, are two types of soundproofing, a matted material shown on the left of this picture, and a thick compact foam that holds an immense amount of water on the right.

Matted material

Compact Foam

This sound proofing has to be removed, cleaned and dried. Some older types of matted material can often disintegrate when cleaned, so we just replace it with new ( Always in stock).

For us to carry out this operation we would need your car for a minimum of 36 hours. The carpets, soundproofing and all interior paint work would be cleaned with a Bio Enzyme treatment to kill off any bacteria will have formed in the stagnant water.

When Southsea flooded with sewage from the drains 10 years ago, we successfully cleaned 30 cars over a period of one month.

What's Involved

Extreme Flooding January 2014

This car was brought to us on the back of a breakdown truck after being pulled from river flood water. The water had reached just below the headlining.

The vehicle absolutely stunk. First operation disconnect the battery. We wanted no power going to the electrics and then sent about removing the Interior.

It’s amazing how much interior has to be removed including all door panels and soundproofing. These all had to be cleaned and disinfected for bacteria and viruses. The matted soundproofing had to be replaced with new, but the carpets were saved.

The car was Thoroughly cleaned on the Interior.

Then a large fan was put inside the car with a dehumidifier and the car was left to dry for 2 days. Once drying was complete the spark plugs were removed the vehicle ignition turned over, this cleared water from the engine. The spark plugs refitted and the car started 1st time. Next operation ( but not done by us Drain the fuel tank as this was contaminated and replace various filters.


Before After