Industrial Fallout

Fallout is far more common than you might think. In fact, if you have a light colored car, more than likely you have seen fallout after you have washed your car. Industrial Fallout can look like small particles of brown dust embedded on your paintwork. It can also be on new cars that have been in storage. 

What is it?

Fallout in most cases is simply rail dust (small air borne metal particles) that get kicked into the air from a rail train’s vortex or vehicle brake linings. When it lands on your vehicle it still dust by definition but if your car is dirty it will stay on the surface until the car is washed. It is now when the fallout adversely affects your vehicle’s surface. If the fallout is left on the car with an overnight rain or if a considerable amount of dew takes place; the metal particle begins to rust on top of the painted surface. Rust is a chemical reaction between the metal and the moisture. 

Causes – What to stay away from
Industrial fallout and rail dust can occur just about anywhere. Here are some suggested areas to avoid when parking your pride and joy. Airport parking lots, parking lots adjacent to motorways or railways and lastly shipyards.

How to remove it permanently…

There are two methods

Clay Bar One of the key steps in a professional valet is the surface prep of the paint. After the car has been prep-washed the next step is to use a surface preparation bar, also known as a “clay bar” to prep the paint for polishing and waxing. This process removes paint over spray and other fallout contaminants that find their way onto vehicle’s surfaces.The clay process is the newest way to remove fallout that has landed on the vehicle and is available in different grades for light contaminants up to tough stubborn paint over spray.

PH Neutral chemical –  We use this for cleaning wheels and is totally safe for any surface