Lanoguard - Rust Prevention

Lanoguard is a product that is based on lanolin, which is a natural wax-like substance derived from sheep’s wool. Lanolin has water-repellent properties and is often used in various applications, including cosmetics, skin care products, and industrial uses. Lanoguard is being used as a protective coating for vehicles, particularly to prevent rust and provide waterproofing.

Lanoguard’s unique formulation allows it to work on rusted surfaces without requiring a perfectly smooth or keyed surface. It adheres to the metal, displaces rust, and creates a seal that prevents water and oxygen from reaching the metal, thus inhibiting further rust formation. This makes it an attractive option for protecting vehicles, machinery, and other metal surfaces from corrosion and rust-related damage.

Lanoguard offers several compelling reasons for its selection:

  1. British Production: The product is proudly manufactured in the UK.
  2. Lanolin-Based Formula: Lanoguard is formulated using lanolin, a natural wool-grease.
  3. Complete Waterproofing: It provides complete waterproofing, ensuring long-lasting protection.
  4. Effective on Rust: Lanoguard is effective even on rusted surfaces without requiring a keyed surface.
  5. Rust Removal: Lanolin interacts with rust and displaces it from the metal surface underneath.
  6. Hermetic Seal: By creating a hermetic seal, Lanoguard prevents the passage of water and oxygen, effectively halting further rust formation.
  7. Prevent Costly Repairs: By stopping rust in its tracks, Lanoguard helps prevent expensive repair bills due to rust-related damage.
By choosing Lanoguard, you’re investing in a comprehensive solution that goes beyond surface protection. Our process ensures thorough coverage and long-term prevention, making it an ideal choice for maintaining the quality and longevity of your vehicle. Please note that the vehicle will be needed for approximately 1.5 days to allow for proper drying after cleaning and curing of the Lanoguard treatment.


When using Cleaner Cars for Lanoguard. We steam off the underside and thoroughly clean it before applying the products. We will send you videos of the work being carried out so you can see the rust we expose during its cleaning. We video us filling all the box sections being filled with Lanoguard and when we apply the the Lanoguard grease. We do need the car overnight as the product needs to cure before being driven. You will also leave with a certificate.

Option 1

Before, During, and After, We capture pictures at various stages of the process to illustrate the transformation.

Elevate the vehicle on our exterior ramp.

If applicable, retrieve the spare wheel from beneath the car.

Thoroughly clean the engine compartment.

Perform a meticulous steam cleaning of the underside to remove dirt and salt buildup.

Apply a powerful pH-neutral traffic film remover as a snow foam underneath.

Rinse the vehicle thoroughly to ensure a clean surface.

Utilise a blow dryer to remove excess moisture.

Apply Lanoguard grease to all exposed nuts and bolts.

Coat the under chassis and lower engine section with Lanoguard.

360 degrees injector wand inserted into BOX sections.

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Option 2

In addition to the steps outlined in Option 1, we offer Option 2, which includes:

For vehicles with a plastic wheel arch covering, we remove the wheels and the covering.

Clean the metalwork behind the covering and treat it with Lanoguard.

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This video shows the Lanoguard Treatment from start to finish!