We are now an approved detailer for MAYVINCI. 

This is the Next Generation of ceramic coatings which surpasses previous coatings we have applied. These advanced coatings have to be applied under cover with exceptional lighting by our sister company – CCDetailing

The secret to longevity with all coatings is about the preparation. All cars excluding brand new will need our Paint Renovation Service first. ( even some badly prepared New cars will need some preparation).  This will allow the coating to bond correctly with the paint and not seal in any fine scratches or blemishes. The strong bond gives unbeatable resistance to UV, dirt and water making the surface highly scratch and swirl resistant and much easier to clean! Water will bead off.

We have tested these Mayvinci products and know they work.  We have tested many others and we don’t recommend them. We need repeat customers.

Mayvinci coatings benefits:

Paintwork feels slicker and becomes a lot glossier

No need to wax your car regularly

The coating is extremely resistant to all kinds of harsh detergents and washing equipment used at hand car washes

Excellent value for money

Alloy wheels are protected against the harsh detergents used at other car washes

It adds a harder layer on top of your clear coat enhancing the paints clarity and colour

Grime and bugs can be washed off easily

Its hardness prevents build up of swirl marks

No special regular cleaning required

Extreme hydrophobicity – water slides and beads off treated surfaces

C16 Ceramic Coating

- 3 years of protection

C16 is a breakthrough product made of aqueous ceramic SiO2 chemistry. This provides a matrix membrane and this forms a solid connection, making water and dirt hardly stick with great beading.

This coating will protect your paint and make it brilliantly gloss.  Plus C16 will also make it easier to clean your vehicle!

Ayanmo Ceramic Coating

- 5 years of protection

Ayanmo is nano-ceramic coating, which offers maximum reflection of your paint at all angles. A deposited ingredient in the coating also absorbs UV, causing it to re-emit UV as heat and light with a longer wavelength.

This amazing coating creates a low surface energy which has antistatic properties to oil, water and dust. 

Using accurate optical equipment Ayanmo displays 92 GU (Gloss Units) at 20⁰ and 97 GU (Gloss Units) at 60⁰ making it the highest reading ever documented on any Nano ceramic coating to date.

Oracle Self Healing Ceramic Coating

- 5 years of protection

Is the flagship of all coatings. A Self Healing ceramic coating guaranteed for 5 years. Fine scratches healed with just hot water, or the heat of the sun.

Wheel Guard

This is applied to the outer surface of the wheels to provide protection from brake dust and to allow easier cleaning. This can also be applied to the inner wheel at an extra cost.

Glass Sealant

Mayvinci is the non-plus-ultra coating system for automotive glass surfaces.

The system contains the highest technically possible amount of active raw ingredients such as nano-scaled SiO2, which are responsible for beading performance and durability. Glass Sealant is an advanced nanotechnology coating that forms a permanent barrier against water, oil and grime on automotive glass surfaces.

The coating improves visibility and therefore driving comfort in bad weather conditions significantly. It reduces the need to use windscreen wipers and screen wash greatly. In addition grime and bug splatter can be washed off easily, de-icing is much easier too. Rain drops are blown off by the airflow when driving speeds exceed 30 mph.

Small/medium car: £30 plus vat total £36
Large car: £40 plus vat total £48