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Scratch Removal

To remove the scratch on the blue car below

A body shop would typically charge £200 plus and also remove your factory finish.

A Smart Repair Company would refer you to a body shop.

We would charge just £35 for the 1st panel and any further panels £30 plus vat each. We will only charge £25 plus vat per panel if you have a valet as well. 

A success for us is that you can not see the scratch more than a metre away, any closer you may still see it, but in some circumstances it will be removed completely.  We can only do fine scratches on Silver white and light coloured cars. 

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Before After

SSR Sprayless Scratch Repair System ‐ Guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

A revolutionary patented paint system that will permanently repair minor chips and scratches, to your vehicles bodywork with no spraying.

SSR products and processes are a proven, cost effective alternative to what has become traditional smart repairs. All our products are environmentally friendly.

Incredible as it may sound, it is now possible for us to carry out repairs to scratched panels, bonnets, doors, roof, and bumpers ‐ without having to spray!

SSR uses special patented materials to remove scratches, scuffs and chips from the bodywork of your vehicle.

Special paints are colour matched then applied to the damaged area. The paint sets in seconds and then any excess is removed using polymer polishes leaving a near perfect repair. This process may be repeated many times including a lacquered coat.

Scuffs, scratches or chips we can repair them, taking care of around 80% of damaged paintwork on your vehicle. Save time and money with Sprayless Scratch Repair. The cost effective and convenient alternative, to body shop and SMART repairs.

On some of our repairs, you may still see the scratch under 1 metres away from the vehicle, if looking for it but at  greater distances, it will be invisible to the eye, but what you won’t see is repairs resulting in slightly different coloured panels that you can see from great distances. We won’t remove any layers of paint from your factory finish, we just add it. In lots of cases the scratch can be totally invisible.  In cases where we can not  remove the scratch there will be no charge

For Car wash scratches, swirl marks and light scratches please see our PAINT RENOVATION page

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Lease/Hire Returns

We can drastically reduce the cost of charges from lease hire companies when vehicles are due to be returned. Let us assess your vehicles and provide you with a solution, for inevitable wear and tear on your lease hired vehicle. We can provide a wide range of services which are useful to fleet managers and individual drivers.

All cars are inspected using the same industry standard as the lease return inspectors, we can identify the things they are looking for and put many of these anomalies right with our full range of repair and restoration services, it makes economical sense along with the bonus that we will come to you or your place of work. For fleet managers we can work on site or at a designated and convenient location.

And for those of us who have borrowed a friend, partners or relatives vehicle and have been involved in an unfortunate incident, don’t worry we can work quickly and discreetly. They will never know!